The reclusive misanthrope ANTON FÄNGER (63) has grown weary of life until he meets the life-affirming medical student PAULINA KWIATKOWSKA (23). Under the pretext of assisting him in his planned suicide, she begins to reignite his desire to live. Soon Anton uncovers her secret…

Recently retired German Teacher ANTON FÄNGER (70) is a staunch atheist and misanthrope. Loathed by his neighbors, he repels even the most patient of those around him. One day the irascible old man decides to end his life — ending up with a broken leg in the hospital instead of the cemetery. Here he meets PAULINA KWIATKOWSKA (25), a chaotic, life-affirming Polish medical student. Under the pretext of helping the world-weary senior commit suicide, Paulina wangles her way into his life. His initial skepticism toward the young woman soon gives way to a gentle friendship. In the face of the promise of death, Anton opens up to life for the first time. His newly acquired optimism begins to falter, however, when Paulina breaks down during a nightly odyssey and Anton finds out she’s incurably ill. He feels cheated of his suicide plan, but ultimately decides to be there for Paulina. Together with his long-time unrequited love CLARA HANSEN (48), Anton takes Paulina to the revered icon of the Virgin Mary, the Black Madonna of Częstochowa, hoping for a miracle.…


Feature Film by Tomasz Emil Rudzik

Tomasz Emil Rudzik & Eldar Grigorian

INDI FILM GmbH, CENTRALA Film, Nominal Film

FFF Bayern (support of project development), Creative Europe Programme MEDIA