#FEMALE PLEASURE accompanies five young brave women from the five world-religions as they stand up against the demonizing of female sexuality through increasing religious fanaticism and shows their conflict-laden search for fulfilled sexuality and the love that had been forbidden for them in this hypersexualized, secular world. A film about the right to sexual self-determination – for all women.

At the core of #FEMALE PLEASURE are five young women, who stand up against the way the female body and sexuality are treated with contempt by their respective religions and cultures and pay a high price for it. They are publically defamed and attacked, expelled by their communities as infidels and even receive death threats from religious leaders and fanatical believers.
The five activists break the taboo of silence and shame that their religious communities placed on sexuality and lust and advocate sex education and female self-determination with all their strength, for all women in their cultures and religions, across borders of society and religion.
The film allows an intimate perspective on what it means to be a woman in repressive, anti-body and anti-lust cultures and societies and also asks the question, how strong the woman’s sexual self-determination really is, in this hyper-sexualized secular world, where the five protagonists live today and where they fight for fulfilled sexuality and equal relationships.
#FEMALE PLEASURE is a film about shame, religious disgrace and the explosive force of female sexuality and about young brave women, who, despite all religious dogmas and dangers, take their fate into their own hands.



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A documentary by Barbara Miller
Switzerland, Germany | 97 min. DCP




Locarno Film Festival, 05th of august 2018

IDFA – International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam 2018
DOK Leipzig – 61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 2018
DOK Leipzig – Special Prize of the Interreligious Jury