The mobile- and browser-game „Negotiator“ is an exciting and entertaining strategy game, taking place in the political scene of Brussels. As a negotiator, the player must increase his influence with the officials and members of parliament in Europe’s capitol.

The key is to strategically influence the decision makers in the political process, which, of course, includes reducing the influence of one’s opponents in order to come out on top. The goal of the game is to win over all political decision makers and defeat the opponents (human players in multiplayer-mode or the computer controlled opponents in single player-mode). It is important to take over strategically important parliamentary groups and secure their support. Although luck is part of the game, “Negotiator” is mainly a game of strategy. The player must develop the most effective long-term strategy and convince the decision makers – and all this before the other players do.

A strategy game by Benjamin Cölle
Germany 2017


The European Parliament (DG Comm), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg