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The German-Turkish Engin from Berlin lives a life full of contradictions: Aside from his Islamic faith, his life is mostly defined by television and fast cars. He appears lost and homeless. Engin’s German friend Diana senses that the key to why he feels lost lies in his home in Turkey, a place that Engin hasn’t seen in 24 years.

He was ten years old, when he was put on a plane – with a sign around his neck, containing his name and an address in Berlin. Since then he hasn’t seen his beloved village of Yildirim ever again. Engin grew up with his grandparents there; his real parents had sent him to Turkey when he was but a few months old.

When Engin’s mother, having returned to Turkey in later years, finally asks Engin’s help in settling a heritage dispute, Diana decides to accompany Engin on his journey. Upon arriving in Yildirim Engin soon realizes that his village is not like he remembers it. He has little in common with his extremely conservative family, too different are their respective values and views.
The contact with his cousins, who are the same age as him and committed atrocities against the Kurds when they were part of the Turkish militia, shows him what gruesome experiences he was able to avoid by living in Germany. What would have become of him, had he grown up with them in Edirne?

Despite Engin’s private story this film becomes a testimony to the serious crimes that were committed against the PKK and the Kurdish population. A dark film about the battle with the inner demons, one that uses Engin’s straightforward attitude and his view of the world to look upon life and personal shortcomings with humor and optimism.


A documentary by Diana Näcke
Germany 2017, 100 min, HD


FFA (Development), BKM and the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film foundation (Production)

Bremer Dokumentarfilm Förderpreises 2011/2012
Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis 2017