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THE SEDUCTION ARTIST accompanies members of the pick-up community in Germany during their personal development. At the same time the film sheds light on this movement using Germany’s largest pick-up company as an example.

To be a real man, an alpha-male, someone who attracts the attention and desire of women – this is the declared goal of Gabriel, Robert and Sebastian. The three young men between 20 and 24 live in Göppingen, Berlin and Stuttgart and are part of the pick-up community.
Pick-up stands for the art of seduction and is a detailed guide for men on how to seduce women. Concrete instructions, rules and strategies for every situation make pick-up a method that is simple to learn. Aside from the internet community there are regular meetings in almost every German city.  Here the participants talk in great detail about women and the newest seduction strategies: from the first kiss, the perfects text message to relationship advice.
The community is growing, bolstered by commercial providers who have discovered pick-up as a business model.
The film “The Seductions Artists” takes us along on Gabriel’s, Robert’s and Sebastian’s search for the role as a man and success with women. However, this path is not as easy as they thought: again and again the three must deal with disappointments, doubts, scruples and criticism.

A documentary by Johanna Bentz
Germany 2013, 78 min, HD

INDI FILM, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and SWR

MFG regional fund Baden-Württemberg

Terre des Femmes 2013
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2013 (Best documentary)