Morris is 13 years old and an overweight, black, American boy. All of these attributes make you stand out in Heidelberg.

That’s where he lives, together with his father Curtis, who works as a coach for the local professional soccer club. Morris’ mother has just passed away recently. The relationship of Morris and his father is more reminiscent of that of two friends and not your average father-son-relationship. This bond is especially strengthened through their mutual love for Hip-hop.
The only social contacts Morris has here in Heidelberg are his father and his private German teacher Inka, who finances her studies with his lessons. Inka wants Morris to have more contact with other kids his age and thus urges him to make regular visits to a youth center. There he meets Katrin – and immediately falls in love with her.
Katrin is 15, rebellious and is looking forward to escaping bourgeois Heidelberg. In contrast to the other youths, who reject and tease Morris, Kathrin seems to take an interest in him. A friendship develops between the two of them although Morris would like it to be more than just that. She however is more interested in the significantly older Per, who is already studying at the university and works as a DJ in various Clubs.
Nevertheless, Morris and Katrin become closer and while she gradually introduces him to a more grown-up world of love, sex and drugs, Curtis tries to get him to take over responsibility for, and to stay true to, himself. Meanwhile Inka guides him through his German lessons and his questions about love.
MORRIS FROM AMERICA is a fish-out-of-water story, but above all, it is about love. It’s about standing up for oneself and discovering ones one potential. It’s about the question what brings us together and not, what separates us – although topics like racism, bullying and xenophobia are also part of the film.


Feature Film by Chad Hartigan
Germany/USA 2016, 90 min, HD

Lichtblick Media, INDI FILM