A woman is seduced and leaves her daughter and husband to begin a new life on a small island. Yet she is overtaken by pangs of conscience before she even arrives there. Through her sense of guilt, it becomes clear to her that the person she has given her feelings to, and left her home for, is ready to do absolutely anything to take over her identity. And the place she’s brought to is no paradise either. LIPSTICK ON THE GLASS is a story of sweet desire which is impossible to gainsay, of promises that seduce like a tender kiss and of bloody, inescapable revenge

Emeryka, a 30 year old mother of a small daughter and wife of the local crime boss, Boruta, falls for Das Etwas. Das Etwas is a member of a female sect and desperate to gain the approval of her fellow members. She accepts a job with Boruta, but only to get closer to Emeryka herself. The plan appears to work and Das Etwas proposes that she and Emeryka travel to the Danish island Elleore together. Emeryka however, is torn between Das Etwas and her duty and responsibility for her daughter.
Das Etwas uses a trick to coax her into running away. When Boruta is picked up by the police he accuses his wife. In desperation Emeryka then flees with Das Etwas. During the whole trip she is plagued by her guilty conscience and upon finally being introduced into the ranks of the female sect aboard the ferry to Denmark she realizes the true nature of the sect as well as Das Etwas’ real intentions: Not to be together with Emeryka, but to take over her very identity and use it for herself…

Feature film by Kuba Czekaj

Centrala Film (Poland)
Walenciak (Denmark)

Development supported by the Deutsch-Polnischer Film Fonds
Production supported by Polish Film Institute


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