What comes next, after love? „The search” say Susanne and Klaus. “A new love”, say Hanne and Peter. Four people who, despite their advanced age, refuse to stay alone and want to share their life with a partner. “Liebe für Fortgeschrittene “ – two films with stories about searching and finding.

Susanne is 71 years old and still has many things she wants to do. Hiking, bike riding, dancing – she is active, has many friends and has made her single life as comfortable as possible. And yet, whenever she experiences something wonderful, she finds herself yearning for someone who feels the same. A man, a new relationship: That would be like the icing on the cake in her life. And so the search commences. But how to go about it? The old fashioned way – with a newspaper ad? On the internet? Or at a singles get-together?

Klaus is 75 years old and is facing the same problem. He has been living alone for five years now, and refuses to remain so. Klaus is a jovial active person: he regularly sings with a choir, does sports and keeps in shape. But he too is becoming increasingly aware that the time for belated happiness is running out on him. “The perfect woman for me is out there somewhere”, he says. “And once I find her, everything will be great.”

It won’t be an easy search for either of them, for Susanne is quite demanding – and Klaus tackles this challenge with such enthusiasm that he ends up scaring away some of the women.

The filmmaker Marisa Middleton accompanied both senior citizens on their search for their last love. A film about belated happiness that is as amusing, as it is touching.


Geschichte vom Suchen in der SWR Mediathek

A two-parter by Marisa Middleton
Germany 2018, 45 min, HD

Produced by INDI FILM for SWR