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The interactive Web-documentary DATA RUSH illustrates the connections between data protection, surveillance and the everyday life of EU-citizens and allows the viewer to understand the abstract and complex challenges and goals of the data protection legislation as well as experience it in a sensual way.

The catalyst for this project is the documentary “Democracy” by David Bernet, which follows the process of European legislation over the course of several years, examining the involvement of various different political players.

The interactive web-documentary was released through ARTE Info, just as the negotiations for the Europe wide data security reform at the end of 2015 were in their final stages. The documentary follows Kasia, a polish data security activist, through Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw and deals with the topics of surveillance, Big Data, but also activism and network policy

A web documentary by Benjamin Cölle and Anne Drees
Germany 2017

INDI FILM in cooperation with ARTE INFO

Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg
Creative Europe MEDIA