Using the work of the Stuttgart native Suzana Lipovac, who has been working as the leader of a German humanitarian aid organization in Afghanistan for one and a half years, as an example, the film “Afghans don’t flirt” shows the challenges faced on a daily basis while working in a crisis area. The documentary examines the building of a new emergency room and also provides insights into the business of helping.

Summer 2003 in Afghanistan, a country toing and froing between peace and war.
A German humanitarian aid manager Suzana Lipovac has already spent eighteen months in Kabul and surrounding regions. Supported by the German Department for Foreign Affairs and private donations Suzana runs several emergency aid stations and supplies the destroyed capital with vital equipment and medication.
However, the situation in Afghanistan’s rural areas is often more critical, especially in the southeast where the traditional Pushtu live. This region is known to be extremely dangerous and therefore avoided by aid organisations. Because of this the 35 year old manager is trying to establish an ambulance in the desert south of Kabul, far from the safety zone guarded by the international forces.
This is no easy task, especially not for a woman….

Production Companies:
INDI FILM, Film University Baden-Württemberg and SWR

Financial Support:
MFG regional fund Baden-Württemberg

International Distribution:
First Hand Films

Festivals and Awards:
Hof International Film Festival October 2004 (Kodak Award)
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2004
Baden-Württemberg Film Industry Award 2004
One World International Film Festival Prag 2005 (Best Documentary)
German Television Award 2005 (Avancement Award)
Hotdocs International Documentary Filmfestival Toronto 2005