The children’s series is about Saïd (6) and Anna (7), who are best friends. Every day after school, they meet in Saïd’s parents’ repair workshop. While broken things are brought back to life with the right tools, the children find out how they can solve their little “problems” themselves in a creative way.

With Saïd and Anna, it’s all about exploring, inventing, discovering, tinkering, repairing, trying out and solving. Under the motto “Everything deserves a second chance”, the series encourages even the youngest children to think about how we treat each other and our environment.

The feel-good series shows stories in which children decide which way to go. Young viewers are amazed at the talents and strengths of Saïd and Anna, and experience the adventures through the eyes of the two friends.

As a co-production with three public broadcasters – the Dutch EO/ NPO Zappelin, the German SWR and the Belgian VRT/ Ketnet and INDI Film – the series offers original and high-quality content for a young audience.

a series by Hilt Lochten

Jeanine Cronie, Fiona van Heemstra and Elin Wramneby

Phanta Basta! / INDI Film GmbH / SWR / NPO Zappelin / Ketnet

NL Film Fonds / NL Film Incentive

Incredible Films

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