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A sad, yet funny film about the luck of losing and homesickness that is greater than any country.

HABIB has always tried to make Germany his home. Suddenly meeting the love of his youth from his childhood home in Turkey completely sets him off balance.
NECO, his son, hates him for trying to conform to German society and dreams of a Turkey that he’s never known. Torn between his wife, his little son and a lover, Neco is in danger of getting caught up in minor criminal dealings with the Mafia and takes home a bloody nose.
BRUNO is a successful building contractor until he is kicked out of his own company, due to embezzlement. In seeking revenge for the injustice done to him, he begins a sit-down-strike on a traffic island right in front of Habib’s Döner restaurant. Again and again an elderly man paces up and down the dirty square in front of the restaurant on the search for the proper connection. He wants to phone his daughter one last time and ask for forgiveness.
The fates of four different men clash and intertwine during four mild summer nights. Old wounds are reopened, new ones are inflicted, surprising approaches are made. And as the sun rises over the metropolis and the striking garbage men finally reinstate proper German order, nothing is as it was for these four men. A film about missed opportunities and homesickness that is greater than any country.

Feature Film by Michael Baumann
Deutschland 2014, 111 min, HD



MFG regional fund Baden-Württemberg, FFA, DFFF and MEDIA

Strittmatter Screenplay-Award 2012
International Film Festival Hof 2013
Film Festival Biberach 2013
Shanghai International Film Festival 2014
Neisse Film Festival 2014
Festival of German Film 2014