Reliable sources claim 10-year-old Lucy — actually a quiet and lovable primary school student — is about to rob a bank in the pedestrian zone of Bietigheim-Bissingen. Her motive is easy to understand: The ice-cream machine from GLAETERIA FELICITÀ, Lucy’s parents’ shop, has broken down. Lucy needs money to buy a new one, in order to save the families ice cream parlor. A few weeks ago, Lucy wouldn’t even have jaywalked. She was recently coached by the school’s bad boy, Tristan, in how to be ruthless and bad. The operation, code-named “Lucyfer,” covered various bad-guy disciplines such as stealing, lying, cheating, and bribing. Witnesses say the training was a total success: even Lucy’s best friend Rima no longer recognizes her and is very worried, although there’s absolutely no cause for concern.


#LUCY, 10, angel on Earth: her excessively adorable, diligent, and well-behaved manner often rubs people the wrong way. But she’s strong and self-confident enough to bear it.

Above all: she’s an always optimistic fighter for justice!

#TRISTAN, 11, bad-boy phony: even if he accidentally makes it to school on time, he waits a few  minutes before grimly bursting into class. Actually one of the good guys, but don’t tell — or you’ll get smacked in the face.

#RIMA, 10, perfect best friend and Angel-Lucy’s best buddy in the battle against lawbreakers. But Rima’s curiosity, zest for action, and above all her excellent shit detector become a problem for Gangsta-Lucy.

A children’s and family film/comedy by Till Endemann

Till Endemann und Andreas Cordes


INDI FILM GmbH, Phanta Film / BosBros (Niederlande)


Initiative “Der Besondere Kinderfilm”, NDR, SWR


MFG regional fund Baden-Württemberg, HessenFILM
BKM, FFA, Creative Europe MEDIA

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